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Parent project\Sub-project hierarchy in Genius Project

The parent project of a project can be defined in the “Categorization” tab of the project:

All existing projects can be selected. A project can have only one parent project. But the same project can be parent to several projects.

The parent project is just a category. The main goal is to make sub-project appears under the parent project in the legacy tracking views. So every summed up column will also be summed at the parent project level:

This does only concerns the views. If you open the project description of the parent project, the figures displayed are only the ones from the current project, it will not include sub-projects.


In the configurable views, the “Parent project” column must be shown, and the view grouped by Parent project, then by project:

It is recommended that the parent project is kept as an “envelope”, with no workload and costs. 

Here is the list of views where the parent project/sub-project hierarchy is possible:

  • Assignments - By project
  • Assignments - By project and resource
  • Assignments - Configurable view
  • Assignments - To accomplish
  • Cash flow - By project and month (24)
  • Change requests - By project
  • Change requests - Configurable view
  • Costs and Assignments - By project and budget axes
  • Deliverables - By project
  • Deliverables - Linked by project
  • Follow-up - Financial follow-up by project
  • Issue reports - All by project
  • Issue reports - Open by project
  • Phases - Progress follow-up
  • Progress reports - By project
  • Project overviews - Billing (from tasks)
  • Project overviews - Configurable view
  • Project overviews - Dashboard
  • Project overviews - Earned value
  • Project overviews - Financial margins
  • Report - Cash flow by project and by month
  • Tasks - By project and phase
  • Tasks - By status
  • To Dos - By phase (mono)
  • To Dos - By project
  • To Dos - By resource - Personal
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