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Windows local file:// links should not be used directly in Genius Project

N.B. This article applies to Genius Project SaaS 7+ users

The fundamental security principle of modern browsers is the same-origin policy.

According to this policy, a remote system is not allowed to access locally stored resources, like the files you have on you computer hard drive (This includes local drives mapped to remote resources on a Windows local network).

Therefore, if you define an external link like the following in Genius Project, nothing will happen when you click on it.


Only web links (hosted resources) are allowed, and this is absolutely not related to Genius Project.

There are several solutions to workaround that.

  1. Host your common resources on an intranet (This is the most recommended one).
  2. Install a plugin in your browser to workaround that security policy.
  3. Manual copy/paste of the link in the URL bar of a new browser window should work, although it is a bit tedious for the user.

Here are some available plugins depending on the browser you are using with Genius Project:

  • Google Chrome: Local Links Extension.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Local Links Extension. Please read carefully how to use this extension as it is not as obvious as the Google Chrome extension.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 has no extension available as far as we know.
  • Older versions of MSIE might let you open the link.

Take note that the whitespace is not allowed in URL, and should always be replaced by the URL-encoded equivalent: %20.



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