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Exchange Rates Inserting the Plan of a Subproject into the Plan of  a Main Project 
Templates and Agents Defining the Project Hierarchy
Sharing and Distributing Documents  

Exchange Rates

If no exchange rate is defined for the current month, the system will take into account the latest available rate on record. In other words the system will assume that the rate has not changed since the previous month.

Templates and Agents

The list of templates is centralized in the Portfolio. This list is only refreshed every two hours. However, you can speed up the process and refresh the list of templates manually by running the agent directly from the interface under Agents tab of the Portfolio setup window.

Sharing and Distributing Documents

Note: Notifications are only sent when the user clicks the Save & Notify menu.

Inserting the Plan of a Subproject into the Plan of a Main Project

Genius Project allows you to insert the plan of a subproject into in the plan of the main project for visualization purpose only. To do so:

  1. Edit the Gantt chart of the main project by clicking the Plan dropdown menu and selecting Insert Sub-project.
  2. Click the Add icon.

Defining the Project Hierarchy

Multi project / sub project level definition:

If there is more than one level of project/sub project, the way the project are linked is relevant.

In order to achieve the following hierarchical tree:

Project 1
     → Project 2
             → →Project 3

You must:

  1. Define Project 1 as the parent project in Project 2.
  2. Define Project 2 as the parent project in Project 3.

Any other order will not achieve the proper result.

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