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Known issues with the latest Java updates for SaaS users

On Tuesday, January the 15th, Oracle did release a new version of the Java plug-in, version 1.7.0_51. This version implements again additional security checks and may prevent Genius Planner plans from loading or saving. Like the last time, this update also impacts the previous version, that is version 1.7.0_45 should a user select "Upgrade later" to the question prompted when Genius Planner is launched. It results in a change in security settings in the web browser.

Despite efforts to manage pro-actively the support of new Java plug-ins with Genius Planner, we regret that Oracle no longer grants us access to test beta versions.

Please find below a list of the different cases that users may encounter and corresponding solutions for each one. Attention you may be concerned by different cases simultaneously, so please read all of them.

Case 1

You are running Java plug-in version 1.7.0_45 and plans are no longer saved.
The only solution is to change the security level in the Java control panel to "Medium". It can be accessed from the Windows Control Panel as shown below.


Case 2

You are using the Java plug-in version 1.7.0_45 and the alert seen below comes up when saving the plan. Just click "Allow" to continue on saving the plan. As it stands, this alert cannot be disabled.

Case 3

You are using Genius Project version < 7.20 FP1 (6.61 to 7.20) and the Java plug-in version 1.7.0_51 or later, and plans no longer open: your environment must be upgraded. Please submit a request into our helpdesk.

For GP versions <6.61, uninstall it, and re-install the plug-in 1.7.0_45 that can be found here :

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