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Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration with One Login

Information in this article applies to Genius Project SaaS, versions 7.0 and above. For On-Premise versions of Genius Project, please ask your account manager for details on how to implement SSO solutions.

Setup the OneLogin portal

Genius Project offers Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions through OneLogin, a Cloud-based Enterprise Identity Management platform. For more information about OneLogin, please go to their website:

Please refer to their website for more details on how to setup the OneLogin portal. A free trial is available to test your configuration with Genius Project.

Connect to Genius Project from OneLogin

From your OneLogin portal, click on the Apps tab to look up the Genius Project connector application. Once you found it, click on the add link to the right of the application to add it to your OneLogin portal.

Follow the steps, and fill-in the requested information.

Go to Configuration settings, and enter your subdomain name. The subdomain name is what precedes the in your Genius Project domain URL. For example, if your Genius Project link is, then your subdomain would be trial.

Save your changes.

Go to Logins tab, and specify the Genius Project credentials for your user.

WARNING: If you don't see any user in this view, it simply means that you need to add a user in OneLogin. To do that, please create the user under the People section of the OneLogin portal.



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