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Install Genius Integrator ActiveX on Internet Explorer

This article applies to Genius Project version 7 and higher

1. Introduction

Purpose of this document is to have Swing ActiveX installed.

Depending on company policies, users are not given the right to install ActiveX on their own.

A deployment package is under constitution, but meanwhile here’s a procedure on how to have it installed manually on a PC.

2. Pre-requisites

  • Windows Administrator username and password
  • Internet Explorer 9 or higher
  • Know the Genius Project URL
  • Have a Genius username and password (user defined in Genius)
  • Genius site (related to Genius Project URL) has been set as intranet zone
  • Intranet zone has standard security level, or at least allows installing signed ActiveX.

3. Installation

1. Logon to the machine as an administrator (either local or global)

2. Logon to Genius Project

3. Navigate to any standard view

4. Click on the Install button

5. Click on the « Install » button of the dialog box

(In some cases, it might be necessary to navigate again to a standard view to have the dialog box appear).

4. Verification

1. Go to “Tools”, “Manage add-ons”

2. Switch to “Downloaded controls”

3. Check that SWING.Integrator5 is in an active state, and is version

5. Troubleshooting

5.1 Prompted each time to install the ActiveX

This is typically happening when Internet Explorer has no rights to write files in folders.

To work around this, launch Internet Explorer in Administration mode (Run as administrator) when installing the ActiveX.

After the ActiveX has been properly installed, no need to run IE again in that mode.

5.2 Wrong version of ActiveX installed

If the version of the ActiveX is not correct, please do a manual re-install of the ActiveX.

  1. Close IE
  2. Open IE, but not on Genius URL (to not have activeX loaded)
  3. Go to Tools\Manage add-ons
  4. Display "downloaded controls"
  5. Double-click on SWING.Integrator5
  6. Click on “Remove"
  7. Wait a bit for background add-ons window to be reloaded
  8. Check that control is gone


If that method fails:

  1. Close IE
  2. Open the folder “c:\windows\downloaded program files”
  3. Locate the files “Integrator5.inf” and “Integrator5.ocx” and delete them
  4. Proceed with installation of the ActiveX.

5.3 ActiveX never loads

Check that ActiveX filtering is not active.

Check ActiveX settings of the security level. Check that Genius Project is in the Trusted Sites.


Also check the Advanced Internet Options, and make sure they match what is shown below.

5.4 Internet Explorer is crashing

In Internet options, advanced, ensure the option “Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks” is unchecked.


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