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How to complete a project

It is not necessary to have completed all the tasks and deliverables to be able to complete a project. A project can be completed at any stage of its progress.

There are two different ways to mark a project as 'Completed'. The result depends on the particular choice that the user makes.

The user may just change the status value in the project description: the user completes the project when all the tasks are completed and the deliverables are already delivered. Unfortunately, often this does not reflect the reality.

The user may want to complete a project, before all the tasks and deliverables have beed completed and delivered. For this to be done, the best way is to run the [Complete] action, allowing the system to carry a procedure including all the documents belonging to the project.

Complete a whole project

At any time during the project progress, it is possible to run the 'Complete' action. A set of rules then applies to the different project documents.

To complete a project one must:

  1. Open the 'Projects' database.
  2. Open the 'Project description' document.
  3. Click the [Actions > Complete] menu.
  4. Click the [Yes] button in the 'Do you really want to mark this project as completed?' dialog box.
  5. Close the confirmation dialog box.

The project is now set as completed.

Rules that apply for project completion

  • The project status is set to 'Completed'.
  • The project progress is set to 100%.
  • The deliverables with a 'To deliver' status are marked as 'Cancelled'.
  • The deliverables 'In progress' or 'To approve' are marked as 'Completed'.
  • The tasks where no time has been input are marked as 'Cancelled'.
  • The tasks 'In progress' or 'To control' are marked as 'Completed', as well as the 'Postponed' tasks for which time has been entered.
  • Other documents are untouched.
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