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How to Create New Project Databases

Since there is only one Portfolio database and one Resources database, the Domino administrator can create new 'Projects' or 'Timesheet' databases.

However, working with several Timesheets databases is not recommended.

Here is the best way to create new Projects' databases:

Note: The following operations can be done in the Lotus Notes client, using only the Genius Project Web server engine.

  1. Open the Lotus Notes client.
  2. Copy an existing database, through the Lotus Notes action menu File -> Database -> New copy, using the Database design only option and making sure the Access Control List checkbox is selected.
  3. Modify the ACL if required.
  4. In the source database, copy the setup documents located in the Setup/General view of the Setup & Administration context.
  5. Paste them in the corresponding view of the new database.
  6. Edit and save them.
  7. If the new Projects database is a Consolidation or an Archive database, edit the General setup document, change the database type accordingly in Interface section and save the document.
  8. Copy and paste any other needed optional setup documents (workflow statuses, document templates, etc.).
  9. Go to the Portfolio database, Setup & Administration context,  Linked databases tab.
  10. Click the Create menu and select New database to create a new Linked database setup document.
  11. Link the newly created database.
  12. Go back to the Projects database, Resources tab, All\By name view.
  13. Select the resources that will work in the newly created database.
  14. Click the Destinations  menu and select  Add to add the newly created database to the selected resources.
  15. Re-select the resources.
  16. Click the Destinations menu and select  Update] to update the destinations. If you do not want to update all destinations, select at least the newly created database and the Timesheets database.

Note: Steps 6 to 17 can be delegated to the Application manager. It is part of the initial setup.

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