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How to add custom fields to any type of document

This article has been written for Genius Project 7.2

Administrator license is required to perform this tutorial.

This article is an overview on how one can add custom fields to any document type in Genius Project. Fields can be added to either standard or custom document types.

Setting up additional fields

  • Go to the Setup & Administration section of any database.
  • Under the Setup section, click on Additional Fields.

  • Create a new setup entry.
  • In the header, select the type of document you want the custom fields to be associated to. In this example, we will add fields to the Unavailability document in the Resources database Setup.

  • The Field definition table lets you define as many custom field as you want. Click on the  icon to define a new custom field.
  • The Field layout table lets you organize how the fields will be displayed. You may group fields, and also order them on the screen. Click on the  icon to add a new group of fields.
  • Here is an example of some custom fields defined for the Unavailability document type.

  • Once you defined your fields and your layout, you can check the Preview tab to check if your fields are displayed as expected. Click on Refresh preview button to apply your latest changes to the preview.

  •  If everything is fine, save the setup document.

Check your setup

  • Go back to the Genius Project end-user interface.
  • Open or create a document for which you defined custom fields.
  • The fields should now be available in this document. In this example, we create a new unavailability document.

  • They are also available in the corresponding configurable view. In this example, we are looking at the Unavailability - configurable view.


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