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Configuring the Genius Project Mobile App

Note: Here are the links to download the application:

Google Store:

Apple Store:


Although most of Genius Project Mobile's configuration takes place on the server side, the application does let users customize the following settings according to their preferences:

  1. The language of the interface
  2. The time interval value of the Time Entry buttons
  3. The time increment value applied when swiping the screen.

To configure your Genius Project Mobile app:

  1. Sign in to the Genius Project Mobile App by entering:
    • Your APi Endpoint: This is the same URL you normally use to launch Genius Project. For example:
      http:// [client name].[mygeniusproject].com 
    • Your Genius Project user name
    • Your Genius Project password
  2. A screen with tips and tricks will be displayed. Swipe your screen to consult them; tap Done to proceed.

     3. Tap the Settings button from the main screen to configure your application.

     4. The Genius Project Mobile configuration screen will be displayed.

  • Use the top section to determine the language of the interface
  • Use the middle section to determine how much time will be entered in the timesheet when you press the corresponding button.

For example, using the configuration illustrated below, if the user would like to enter 2 and a half days as the duration of the entry, he/she would simply need to tap: 1d twice and 0.5d once.

Note: Depending on how Genius Project was installed on your server, these values can either represent days or hours.

  • Use the bottom section to determine the amount of time by which your time entry will be incremented when you swipe your screen.

Tap the Return button of your tablet's interface to accept your changes.


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