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How to Archive Timesheets

Here are the instructions on how to Archive timesheets:

  1. Open the Lotus Notes client.
  2. Copy the Timesheets database, through the Lotus Notes Action menu by clicking File --> Database --> New copy...], and using the 'Database design only' option. Make sure the Access Control List checkbox is selected. Change the title and file name and make sure to copy it in the same folder as your other GP databases.
  3. Modify the ACL if needed.
  4. In the source database, copy the General setup document located in the 'Setup\General' view of the 'Setup & Administration' dialog.
  5. Paste it in the corresponding view of the new database.
  6. Open the newly created database in Domino Designer.
  7. Change the alias of the form from "($DatabaseType)" to "_TimeSheetArchive".
  8. Go to the Portfolio database, by clicking 'Setup & Administration' followed by the Linked
  9. Click the Create menu, then New database to create a new Linked database setup document.
  10. Link the newly created database.
  11. Edit and save the General setup document of the new database.
  12. In the Timesheets database, create an Archive setup document. In this document:
    1. Select the Timesheets Archive database.
    2. Select how you want to select the archive period.
    3. According to your previous choice, enter a date or a number of weeks (and not a week number, as translated).
    4. Chose the statuses in which the timesheets must be archived.
    5. Chose what to do with the Timesheets lines in the Projects database (either keep them or delete them).
    6. If you want the Archive log to be sent by e-mail to someone, enter their e-mail address.
  13. Either archive manually from the Archive setup document or enable the scheduled agent.
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