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Interim fix for Java plugin support in Firefox v.52

This message concerns you if you and your team are using Firefox to work with Genius Project.

The latest standard version of Firefox 52 has reduced Java plugin support which impacts the loading of our Planner tool.

We can offer you several solutions:

  1. Add a small configuration to the standard Firefox browser configuration
  2. Mozilla offers an Extended Support Release (ESR) which is based on the official release of Firefox for desktop enterprise customers: (no future configuration investigation needed)
  3. We offer migration to the first Genius Project HTML Planner. To find out more about this HTML Gantt please contact your sales rep.

Our development team is working with a hig priority on a browser independent HTML solution.


Solution for Firefox 52.x:
  1. Type in the Search bar "about:config"
  2. Right click: New / Boolean
  3. Enter the preference name: "plugin.load_flash_only" then select "false"
    The result should be:
    Inline image 3
  4. Restart FireFox
If you intend to use Firefox 52 you will have the option to enable support for the Java Plugin through a setting in the Firefox configuration. This setting will become depreciated in Version 53 latest and 54 of Firefox. Please make sure that my corrections here respect the original message.

You could also use Firefox 52 ESR which is the version recommended by Mozilla for all organizations until the end of the year. This version has a supported feature to enable Java Plugin Support.

Since the developers exchanged the "Allow and Remember" option for "Allow now", you will need to accept the use of the Java plugin once daily if you restart Firefox.

As previously communicated, we have been working on our long-term solution to resolve issues such as this related to browsers. We have developed and have been offering our first version of HTML based Gantt as of late last year.
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